FLOOD DETECTOR H2O WS4: promptly detecting flooding and water leakage

The new H2O WS4 wireless detector checks any flooding risk situation to avoid damages to goods and objects in houses, offices, commercial and industrial sites. The detector can be integrated with any wireless AVS systems, directly with RAPTOR and by pairing it to a wireless receiver on XTREAM & CAPTURE control panels.
The detector has a probe that can be placed on floor-level and up to 1m distance from the transmitter, to optimize the wireless signal and avoid direct contact with water. As soon as water presence is detected, an alarm is created via APP, SMS or phone call, according to the needs.H2O WS4 is suitable to any installation and location. Discover the range and the benefits!



JET PA 360 and JET DT 360 are the new indoor volumetric detectors, designed by AVS for ceiling mounting. Suitable for any residential and commercial environment, they have been designed to ensure excellent detection in those situations where the detector installation in a wall or in a corner is not recommended due to a reduced field of view (for example, in the presence of shelving, cupboards or storage areas). Discover the range and the benefits!


WIRELESS VIDEO VERIFICATION: safe, reliable and flexible!

Increase the performance of the control panels RAPTOR/CAPTURE/XTREAM with JET PA WS 4 VIDEO, a passive infrared detector, wireless bidirectional with advanced video verification functions. Thanks to the integrated camera and audio recording, combined with the infrared detector, JET PA WS 4 VIDEO is able to capture images, sending them promptly to the user in the form of video.

Discover the flexibility of the wireless video verification!


MY AVS ALARM APP is compatible with Google Home and Alexa

MY AVS ALARM APP is compatible with Google Home and Alexa: you can manage your RAPTOR, CAPTURE and XTREAM control panels, using your voice assistants. The functionality is available for IOS and ANDROID and it’s included in the Premium subscription.

SANY SAFE: the environmental sanification best solution

Protect your health: defend yourself from the virus, sanitize your environment!.
With micro-par ticles, the sanitizing steam penetrates every silt and surface, sanitizing totally the air and the environment, taking care of the safety and health protection, ensuring, in complete autonomy, sanitization up to 250 days.

High sanitation efficiency, great autonomy and simple tank replacement are just some of the pluses that make the product unique on the market.

Discover the features and benefits!



The new EWEB VIDEO IP interface integrates the VIDEO VERIFICATION function, for a visual control of the alarm events.The board, compatible with the range of AVS control panels (XTREAM, CAPTURE and RAPTOR) allows you to manage up to 8 IP cameras with ONVIF® (S) protocol. EWEB VIDEO, for each camera combined with one or groups of alarm zones, stores the images before, during and after the alarm events, transferring them to the AVS Cloud, and thanks to the APP MYAVSALARM, the end user receives a complete PUSH notification of the video link with the recorded images, that he can view and save on his device. EWEB VIDEO is also a Web Server and allows the programming of AVS control panels via IP and Cloud.

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