Xtream is the system that allows control of sites both small and large as shopping centers, residences

The web server allows Xtream from a common Internet browser installed on your PC or on a mobile, to manage the system, including home automation.

Xtream with powerful software for graphic maps ELM, offers the ability to monitor the spaces covered by viewing the images from the CCTV.

Xtream, thanks to an advanced dialer, allows you to control the system remotely with your phone.

AVS uses in its products a digital technology able to detect tampering attempts and avoid sending false alarms.

Wireless devices using the frequency and approved the system PLL ensures the reliability of radio communications.

Sustainability of the products AVS Electronics, all of the Italian production, can reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

Fast connections and precise information with RS485 serial link.

USB connection with a computer on-site, using the appropriate software you can analyze the device status in real time.


KEYBOARDS and KEYS They are the access point for your commands, so making beautiful keyboards, as well as do them well, this is our commitment, because a keyboard is an integral part of everyday life.


WEB SERVER - MOBILE APPLICATIONS - ETHERNET TCP-IP GATEWAY - GRAPHICAL MAPS Everything you need to manage and connect your alarm and your home automation system via IP.