The accelerometer is a new technology to detect attempts of disorientation of the siren.

DEFOAMERS - an optical module optional dedicated, detects and reports instantly the presence of foaming substances that can compromise the level of emission sound.

LED LIGHT. With LED light, you can distinguish the alarm, other views from the memory of alarm occurred.

AVS uses in its products a digital technology able to detect tampering attempts and avoid sending false alarms.

Wireless devices using the frequency and approved the system PLL ensures the reliability of radio communications.

Sustainability of the products AVS Electronics, all of the Italian production, can reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

Fast connections and precise information with RS485 serial link.

Analog product, which allows you to interact with different systems and technologies, including existing, for this is called UNIVERSAL.


Sound level: 2 - Power supply: 13,8 Vdc - Colour: white - Current consumption: adjustable (200 - 600 mA) - Dimension (LxHxD): 150 x I 10 x 50 mm •Approvai:IMQ 2°liv. - INCERT B-720-0001


CITY is the range of siren designed for the intrusionsound warning in small and medium systems. Availablein 6 different models, with different features, low consumptionled lights for system status and different...


TS85 is the range of siren designed for the intrusionsound warning in medium and large systems.Available in 3 different models with specific performance;led optical flash part, possibility to display the status...