The integrated technology that doubles the capacity of the sensor detection.

The possibilities of control are increased, while there is a reduction in errors, thanks to digital technology.

Accelerometer, and other technologies, against attempts of disorientation and tear sensor.

The microprocessor manages the infrared and microwave technologies combining so as to always guarantee the maximum control.

The accelerometer is new technology to detect attempts of disorientation of the sensor.

Anti-mask technology allows to promptly detect attempts to obscuration of the sensor.

SPY has a bracket series that allows you to install in all situations.

AVS uses in its products a digital technology able to detect tampering attempts and avoid sending false alarms.

Wireless devices using the frequency and approved the system PLL ensures the reliability of radio communications.

Sustainability of the products AVS Electronics, all of the Italian production, can reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

Fast connections and precise information with RS485 serial link.

USB connection with a computer on-site, using the appropriate software you can analyze the device status in real time.

Analog product, which allows you to interact with different systems and technologies, including existing, for this is called UNIVERSAL.

SPY - sensori da interno

Gamma di sensori da interno affidabili e piacevoli nell’aspetto. Perchè la tua sicurezza sia senza rinunce. Niente di meglio di tornare a casa, dolce casa, ma che sia anche sicura, vigilata da prodotti affidab...



IR Range : 8-12 meters on 360° - Installation height :from 2,4 to 3,6 m - Frequency: FM 868 MHz, single frequency - Range: up to 150 mts in open air - Commun...


The new range of indoor volumetric sensors - UNIVERSAL - WIRELESS - INFRARED - DOUBLE TECH - RS485 Connection

All JET are digital sensors with temperature compensation, placed in a f...