Xtream, thanks to an advanced dialer, allows you to control the system remotely with your phone.

AVS uses in its products a digital technology able to detect tampering attempts and avoid sending false alarms.

Wireless devices using the frequency and approved the system PLL ensures the reliability of radio communications.

GMS and SMS: the fastest and intuitive way to keep in touch with your system.

Sustainability of the products AVS Electronics, all of the Italian production, can reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

Fast connections and precise information with RS485 serial link.

USB connection with a computer on-site, using the appropriate software you can analyze the device status in real time.


CAPTURE, its new range of 8 highly efficient microprocessor control panels. The control panel already presents all you need: both power and metal box are directly included. The design is 100% Italian, all produ...



Range of control panels multifunction 6 to 640 zones, can handle an advanced system that integrates different technologies, XTREAM is the system that allows you to control with extreme precision and flexibility...


LUCKY, the control panels from 4 to 8 zones of, easy to use and able to give you the maximum guarantee for your safety.


Solutions that enable expansion of XTREAM and CAPTURE systems with opportunities both digital and analog, either by wire or wireless and that can be Universal so as to be used with the third-party components or...